Innovating for social change with technology

With the belief that digital technologies and the digital economy have the power to create a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive future, the ‘Social Innovation Programme’ focuses on areas where technology can have a transformative social impact.​

Lives Impacted in 2022


The Social Innovation Programme by nasscom foundation is a TechForGood initiative that fosters inclusion for all by providing a platform for young social innovators to turn their ideas into reality.

We believe that technology has immense potential to drive positive social change and create a better world for everyone. That is why we are committed to leveraging technology for social good and promoting innovative solutions that have a meaningful impact on society.

We collaborate with like-minded organisations and individuals who share our vision to address social challenges and promote sustainable solutions. Our programme not only helps scale social innovation models but also nurtures young minds and their entrepreneurial aspirations.

We champion social innovators and their passion for impact, working in areas where technology can bring transformative social change.


Social Innovations for Youth (SIFY) Programme

At the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where the physical and digital realms merge, opportunities and challenges abound. Industries, old and new, undergo transformation through the fusion of technology and innovation, propelled by smart device connectivity, 3D printing, and Machine Learning.​

To seize these limitless prospects, we foster a nurturing environment for students—a sandbox where they can explore, experiment, and embrace innovation. Our Social Innovations for Youth (SIFY) Programme under Innovation Spaces, within these dynamic makerspaces, allows students to engage freely with cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, ML, and 3D printing.

We equip the next generation with the skills and mindset vital for success in this new era. By fostering creativity, curiosity, and hands-on experiences, we empower students to become pioneers in their own right. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, our programme emphasises exploration and experimentation. Through access to state-of-the-art technologies and guidance from experienced mentors, we unlock the potential of young innovators, enabling them to turn ideas into tangible solutions.

We envision a future where every student unleashes their imagination, collaborates, and contributes to technological advancements. The Innovation Spaces initiative nurtures a generation of problem solvers ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.



Embarking on a transformative journey, nasscom foundation, in collaboration with Cisco, introduced the ThingQbator project—a game-changer for young innovators across Indian universities. With five innovation spaces established, students now have a platform to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes, tackling local challenges with local solutions.

Derived from "Internet of Things" and "Incubator," the name ThingQbator embodies the essence of this project. Our mission encompasses several key objectives:

1. Build digital skills
2. Local solutions to local problems
3. Linking innovation to markets
4. Accelerate Student Entrepreneurship

Currently in its fourth year, the Cisco ThingQbator project has touched the lives of an impressive 30,000 users. A total of 33 teams have participated in the startup track, with 16 teams earning the distinction of being shortlisted for the jury day. Hence, the Cisco ThingQbator project is not only empowering students to unlock their full potential but also shaping a future where local ingenuity and entrepreneurship flourish.


Ciena Spaces

In a remarkable collaboration between Ciena and nasscom foundation, the Ciena Spaces project is paving the way for young innovators to transform their ideas into tangible prototypes and thriving businesses. This transformative project offers students from Delhi Technological University and Netaji Subhas University of Technology a nurturing and uninhibited space to explore new-age technologies, experiment fearlessly, and embrace a culture of innovation.

One of the project's standout achievements is the provision of Rs 5 lakh in seed funding to five deserving teams in March 2022. Currently, the project continues to extend technical mentoring support to 51 students, comprising 24 teams, propelling their entrepreneurial journeys forward.

The pinnacle of the Ciena Spaces project was the grand felicitation of the top five startups during the much-anticipated InnovateX event held in March. This celebration not only recognised their exceptional accomplishments but also served as an inspiration to countless aspiring innovators.

With each milestone reached and success celebrated, the Ciena Spaces project encourages young minds to push boundaries, dream big, and shape a future where innovation thrives.


Social Innovations Acceleration Programme

जनCARE Programme

In India, quality healthcare is still a distant dream for many in rural and semi-urban areas. The need of the hour is innovation that can make healthcare accessible and affordable for all. This is where nasscom foundation steps in with the जनCARE Innovation Challenge, a groundbreaking programme that aims to revolutionise healthcare delivery with the power of technology for social good.

From discovery to scaling, the programme supports innovative health tech solutions by startups that cater to the last mile. With a presence in 10 states, the programme has already deployed 14 startups that have achieved significant milestones. It is heartening to see that our efforts are making a difference; our SaveMom Case Study has been featured in Harvard Business School, and industry leaders such as Alveofit and AstraZeneca have adopted our programme.

We are proud of the recognition we have received for our work, and we are delighted that the government of Tamil Nadu has also recognised the value of startup adoptions in healthcare. Our goal is to continue leveraging technology to improve healthcare delivery and create a positive impact on society.


Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM)

Numerous challenges exist in the domains of education, sustainability, and health. Many marginalized individuals lack access to quality education, hindering their potential and limiting their future opportunities. Environmental degradation threatens the delicate balance of ecosystems, jeopardising the planet's health. Rapid urbanisation poses challenges to creating sustainable cities and inclusive communities. Health and wellbeing issues persist, with limited access to healthcare and a need for holistic approaches to wellness. However, amidst these challenges, there is hope.

In an extraordinary collaboration between nasscom foundation and the Telangana AI Mission (T-AIM), a powerful force for social change has been unleashed through "The Grand Challenge on Ideas and Innovation." This programme empowers social entrepreneurs to create sustainable solutions for pressing societal issues, focusing on the critical areas of quality education, environmental sustainability, sustainable cities & communities, and good health and well-being.

By harnessing the transformative potential of AI, we aim to build an ecosystem that not only supports social innovators but also encourages them to leverage AI technology to address the most urgent challenges of our time. Through this initiative, we are forging a path towards a future where sustainable development is at the forefront.

As part of this grand endeavour, the Forest AI Grand Challenge will be dedicated to the preservation and sustainable management of the Amrabad and Jannaram forest regions in Telangana. By utilising AI, we strive to develop groundbreaking solutions that safeguard our forests and ensure their longevity.

Through this powerful partnership, we are igniting positive change and fostering sustainable development in Telangana and beyond.


Hear It From Them

“Under the Adobe Pro Bono Residency Program, the volunteering consultants designed cost-effective solutions that enabled us to impart quality education to less privileged children in a safe and secure environment. We would like to express our gratitude for the support rendered by nasscom foundation and Adobe.”

Kushal Chakravorty
Founder & MD (Lotus Petal Foundation)

“Under the Adobe Pro Bono Residency Program, the volunteering consultants designed cost-effective solutions that enabled us to impart quality education to less privileged children in a safe and secure environment. We would like to express our gratitude for the support rendered by nasscom foundation and Adobe.”

Kushal Chakravorty
Founder & MD (Lotus Petal Foundation)


nasscom foundation is grateful to have such committed partners to hep make the Persons with Disabilities, job ready.

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