Digitally empowering NGOs for greater social impact

NGOs are the key drivers of change in the country. The programme addresses tech adoption, capacity building, and innovative models of impact, helping NGOs scale their impact by providing access to discounted technology and software.

Lives Impacted in 2022


BigTech Programme

Many NGOs in India face a common challenge: limited access to the latest technology solutions that can enhance their efficiency and amplify their impact towards achieving the SDGs by 2030. Recognising this gap, nasscom foundation has taken a proactive approach to address this pressing issue.

Through our pioneering TechForGood initiative, we strive to empower NGOs with the necessary tools and resources they need to thrive in the digital age. We understand that technology can be a game-changer for these organisations, enabling them to streamline operations, scale their initiatives, and drive meaningful change at a larger scale.

To bridge the gap, our groundbreaking BigTech programme brings together global tech companies to offer subsidised tech products (software) and services specifically tailored for non-profits. By partnering with leading tech providers and being the exclusive TechSoup partner in India, we ensure that NGOs have access to authentic software solutions at affordable prices.

Furthermore, we actively engage with NGOs through platforms like TechBaithak and webinars. These interactive sessions allow us to listen attentively to their unique challenges, aspirations, and requirements. By understanding their specific needs, we can provide customised solutions that align with their goals, making technology accessible and applicable to their work.

Our goal is to empower NGOs with the necessary technological infrastructure to excel in their missions. We believe that every NGO deserves access to cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to leverage it effectively. Through our TechForGood programme and its initiatives, we are not only addressing the technology gap but also fostering a supportive ecosystem that empowers NGOs to create lasting impact and contribute significantly to SDGs.

Together with our NGO partners, we are building a future where technology becomes an enabler for social progress. By equipping NGOs with the tools they need, we are shaping a world where their transformative work can reach greater heights and touch the lives of countless individuals and communities.


Connecting For Good Programme

At nasscom foundation, we are driven by a powerful mission: to harness the potential of technology and address pressing social challenges. Through our partnership with the Vodafone Idea Foundation on the Connecting for Good initiative, we are tackling these challenges head-on and empowering NGOs to drive innovation and create a lasting impact.

One of the key issues we identified is the need for technology support among civil organisations, NGOs, and community-based organisations. Many of these organisations face resource constraints and lack the necessary tools to effectively address social issues. That's why we provide technology support through grants, enabling them to amplify their efforts and make a significant difference in their communities.

We believe that technology should not be a barrier but an enabler. Hence, we integrate technology across our entire portfolio, from programme design to implementation, beneficiary tracking, and impact assessment. By leveraging technology at every step, we enhance efficiency, improve scalability, and ensure transparency in our interventions.

Under the Connecting for Good initiative, we have developed and implemented a range of innovative technology-based solutions to tackle specific social issues. Each solution is designed to address a critical challenge and create positive change in society.

One such solution is MyAmbar, a mobile application dedicated to women's safety and empowerment. By providing a platform that promotes safety and empowers women, we aim to create an environment where every woman can thrive without fear.

Another impactful solution is DigiSakshar, a user-friendly digital learning platform that offers free and universal access to a wide range of courses. Through DigiSakshar, we are breaking down barriers to education and enabling individuals to acquire valuable skills and knowledge.

To enhance operational efficiencies, we have introduced ManagR, a digital platform that simplifies and streamlines processes for NGOs. By reducing administrative burdens, we enable organisations to focus more on their core missions and make a greater impact.

In our commitment to women's empowerment, we have developed Girl Rising, an innovative Android-based game that challenges gender stereotypes. By engaging and educating players, we aim to foster a society that values gender equality and provides equal opportunities for all.

Addressing the critical issues of hunger and food waste, we have introduced Share Food Share Joy. This interactive voice response system (IVR) connects individuals with surplus food to distribution partners, ensuring that no food goes to waste and reaching those in need.

Furthermore, we have implemented Childline 1098, a mobile-friendly Case Reporting System (CRS) that manages and reports cases of children in distress from any location. By leveraging technology, we facilitate timely and efficient intervention, ensuring the well-being of vulnerable children.

Through the Connecting for Good initiative, we are making remarkable strides in leveraging technology for social change. We believe that every individual and organisation has the power to make a difference, and technology serves as a catalyst for transformation.

Together with our partners, we are creating an ecosystem that fosters innovation, disseminates knowledge, and scales up interventions for maximum impact. We are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, empowering NGOs and driving positive change through technology.


Hear It From Them

“Under the Adobe Pro Bono Residency Program, the volunteering consultants designed cost-effective solutions that enabled us to impart quality education to less privileged children in a safe and secure environment. We would like to express our gratitude for the support rendered by nasscom foundation and Adobe.”

Kushal Chakravorty
Founder & MD (Lotus Petal Foundation)

“Under the Adobe Pro Bono Residency Program, the volunteering consultants designed cost-effective solutions that enabled us to impart quality education to less privileged children in a safe and secure environment. We would like to express our gratitude for the support rendered by nasscom foundation and Adobe.”

Kushal Chakravorty
Founder & MD (Lotus Petal Foundation)


nasscom foundation is grateful to have such committed partners to hep make the Persons with Disabilities, job ready.

Our Work & Key Areas of Interventions

Digital Literacy

Empowering individuals with digital skills to increase the self-reliance & resilience of communities through DigiSakshar
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Skilling & Employability

Providing skill-based training for women & youth from underserved communities
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Women Entrepreneurship

Equipping rural women entrepreneurs with the resources they need to prosper in today's digital world and aiming to bridge the gender gap
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Mainstreaming inclusion in the tech industry
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Building social development solutions for not-for-profit organisations by offering technical support to improve the operational efficiency of a flagship programme, which can further lead to a better & deeper impact on beneficiaries
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BigTech – Digitally Empowering NGOs

Encourages technology companies to give back to society by providing NGOs with access to technology through their products and services
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Innovation Spaces

Serving as a testing ground for new technologies that students have the opportunity to learn, such as 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Machine Learning
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