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Nasscom Foundation is thrilled to introduce ‘Ability in Tech’ conference, a dedicated initiative in honour of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day serves as a reminder of the global imperative to foster inclusive development and fuel innovation, transforming the world into a more accessible and equitable place for all.

Our 'Ability in Tech' initiative embodies our unwavering dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities in the workplace, echoing the theme of "Transformative solutions for inclusive development: The role of Innovation in fueling an accessible and fair world." Nasscom Foundation recognizes the pivotal significance of this day in our global pursuit of inclusivity and justice. We are committed to carrying forward the spirit of this year's theme, "United in action to rescue and achieve the SDGs for, with and by persons with disabilities

We fervently urge organizational leaders in the board room to champion #InclusionForAll, thereby creating workplaces where every individual can not only exist but also thrive, contribute and sustain growth.

This conference will deep dive into the topics of building a sustainable disability inclusion in workforce through keynotes, inclusion stories, workshops, experience zone of disabilities and world class assistive technology solutions for workplace.

Join us on the commitment to champion #InclusionForAll and the launch of #AbilityInTech.

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Focus Areas

What to Expect?

Crucial insights from this event will pave the way for inclusive tech, guiding us towards a more accessible and diverse tech industry.

Increased Awareness and Commitment to disability Inclusion

Attendees will leave the ‘Ability in Tech’ conference with increased awareness and commitment to disability inclusion in the workplace, fostering positive culture and policy changes

Launch of the "Ability in Tech" Upskilling Program for PWD’s

This program will mark a pivotal step in empowering individuals with disabilities and integrating them into the tech industry, leading to an increase in skilled PWD workers in mid-management & leadership

Exchange of Knowledge and Best Practices

Attendees will gain actionable strategies and best practices for creating inclusive workplaces and adopting assistive technologies in their organizations

Collaborative Efforts to Drive Disability Inclusion

Attendees will form valuable connections, partnerships, and alliances that will extend beyond the conference, leading to collective efforts to make India a more equitable, prosperous, and inclusive nation


Our Speakers & Experts
Aditya Yeluru
Aditya Yeluru

Program Manager - Corporate Relations, nasscom ai

Abhishek Kumar
Arun C Rao

Executive Director, ASLI

Abhishek Kumar
Bhanu Prasad M N

Coach - Impact Innovation, TCS Foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Chahat Dubey

Head of Partnerships, ATF

Abhishek Kumar
Deepa Narasimhan

Associate Director D&I, Deloitte

Abhishek Kumar
Deepa Nagraj

Global Head of Communications & Sparkle Innovation Ecosystem, Mphasis

Abhishek Kumar
Dhanya Ravi

Executive, EnAble India

Abhishek Kumar
Divyanand Raj

Head, Impact & Measurement, nasscom foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Dolly Narayan

Disability inclusion advocate and enabler, V-Shesh

Abhishek Kumar
Ghusha G S

Tech Associate, nasscom ai

Abhishek Kumar
Jay Muthu

Country HR Director, BT Group

Abhishek Kumar
Jim Thakaran

DEI Expert & Consultant

Abhishek Kumar
Madhu Singhal

Founder, Mitra Jyothi

Abhishek Kumar
Marin Grace

Managing Director, Interactive, Advanced Technology Centres, India, Accenture

Abhishek Kumar
MV Narayana

Senior Subject Matter Expert, HCL Foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Naveen Kumar

Technical Analyst, Dell Technologies

Abhishek Kumar
Nidhi Bhasin

CEO, nasscom foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Pankaj Jasal

Director, TMX, Digital, Dell IT

Abhishek Kumar
Pashupati Kumar

Managing Director, Risk Advisory Services, Deloitte Global

Abhishek Kumar
Pradip Sinha

Technical Analyst, Dell Technologies

Abhishek Kumar
Prateek Madhav

Co-founder & CEO, AssisTech Foundation (ATF)

Abhishek Kumar
Rajasekharan Pazhaniappan

Co-Founder, V-Shesh

Abhishek Kumar
Rama Krishnamachari

Director, Diversity & Equal Opportunity Centre

Abhishek Kumar
Rasha Kutty

Founder, The Empathy University

Abhishek Kumar
Roy C Thomas

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, nasscom foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Das

Area General Manager- Bengaluru, Lemon Tree Hotels

Abhishek Kumar
Santhi Karamcheti

Co-Founder, Eka Education & Charitable Trust

Abhishek Kumar
Shivu Kumar

IT Analyst, Dell Technologies

Abhishek Kumar
Sqn Ldr Delshad Master

Assistant Vice President, CareerNet

Abhishek Kumar
Tiffany Brar

Founder, Jyothirgamaya Foundation

Abhishek Kumar
Vishal Kumar Jain

Global HR Consultant, Shell

Abhishek Kumar
Vivek Misra

Director & ERG Lead for Disability India, Microsoft