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KamatchiKamatchi says: From Cow shed to working on computers!

“My parents look after cattle which is the main source of income in our life. I came to know about the PMSSS course of BPO training through my friend in Puducherry. Seeking permission from my parents, I joined the course using the small savings from my income. I am now placedwith First Source Solutions on a monthly salary of Rs.4000/-.  I am happy and I take this opportunity to thank PMSSS and NASSCOM Foundation for giving me this chance to benefit from.  My hearty thanks and prayers to PMSSS and NASSCOM Foundation."




Meri Pathshala

Parshuram Damayyawar, Kanad Village NASSCOM Knowledge Centre, Sangroli Maharashtra

21 year old Parshuram was a early school drop-out. Extreme poverty had forced him to join his father as an agriculture labor to meet the daily expenses. He was earning Rs.200/- per month. As a school drop-out, he could neither read nor write, but was clever, hardworking and earnestly wanted to start a small business and become self-reliant.  Starting a screen printing business on a small scale,  printing pamphlets, letterheads, invitation cards, envelops, required him to be able to read.

Parshuram joined the adult literary course at the Kanad Village NASSCOM Knowledge Centre, run by NASSCOM Foundation’s partner Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal (SSM).  In a span of 3 months, he was able to read the newspaper. He started his business in his little mud house at Sagroli, sourcing work from the shop owners, individual customers of nearby towns and villages.

After one year, today he not only earns Rs.2,200/- per month but also works as the knowledge centre manager at the Kanad Village Knowledge Centre to encourage and teach other illiterate people.




Kutrang, Kenrapara, Orissa – Villager and Knowledge Centre Coordinator

"I have been trained by NASSCOM Foundation on using ICT for development of my community. Through the knowledge centre, I am now providing low cost ICT learning options and information on health and agriculture to more people.”



Amita Senapati

Shitalpada, Orissa -NKN Centre Coordinator 

“I always wanted to be independent before getting married. Seeing computers work always thrilled me and I never thought I could use them too! Thanks to centre, I was able to grasp basic computer knowledge. I come here in the mornings and evenings after college. It gives me a sense of power. I am sure I will get good work once I complete this course.”