NASSCOM Knowledge Network

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Two images of rural women. One in which they are taking care of the cattle and the other with them getting access to information through computers in a knowledge centre

The NASSCOM Knowledge Network (NKN) is a network of 174+ community telecentres across 13 states of India, in partnership with 30+ NGOs, providing access to information and services related to education, health and livelihoods to marginalized communities.

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NASSCOM Knowledge Network

Opportunities for all, beyond barriers of caste, community, gender and society has been the mantra of NASSCOM Foundation. The telecentres provide access to technology to underserved communities that helps bridge the digital divide thereby promoting digital inclusion.


NKN is designed to engage the industry, civil societies and communities in partnership to create an enabling environment that supports development of grassroots communities. Building on the strengths of the Indian IT-BPM industry, NASSCOM Foundation supports Indian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to set up and run telecentres/knowledge centres/learning centres by empowering them with requisite information and communication tools and services. 


This program is a step towards collating the efforts of the industry by using the socially relevant products, services and processes developed by the industry, and the civil society, by engaging with innovative programs that aim to improve the lives of the underserved.