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  • The Game of Clouds- New approach to BPM


    Understanding the client process, transitioning them to their own centers, optimizing them and delivering services on an ongoing basis at predictable cost, quality and reliability is what defines the traditional BPM firms. The processes suited for such a model were HR, finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain management etc. However, with the growing digital content, advancement in technology infrastructure and global collaboration for resource pooling has given birth to a new wave of outsourcing. Read more: The Game of Clouds- New approach to BPM



  • Evolving world of Digital Publishing - Areas of subcontracting


    A host of ISSPs are emerging in India with a pool of trained resources and defined processes, enabling immense cost benefits and improvement to the entire sub-contracting market.These ISSPs are providing varied end-to-end services and solutions, ranging from book and journal publishing solutions (typesetting, image editing, document scanning, imaging and management), illustration services, conversion solutions (eBook / content / ePUB / OCR / XML), E-Publishing, creative solutions (apps development) and technology solutions (digital archiving, DTD development, digital Asset Management). Read more: Evolving world of Digital Publishing - Areas of subcontracting



  • Evolving world of Digital Publishing


    Thinning margins and increasing cost pressures are pushing digital publishing outsourcing companies to experiment with new business models. Due to the availability of trained talent pool and the requisite infrastructure, Impact Sourcing Service Providers (ISSPs) have been able to become suitable partners to make this experiment a success. Currently more than 25% of ISSPs have started subcontracting digital publishing services and focusing on moving from low value processes to complex publishing processes. Read more: Evolving world of Digital Publishing



  • Samvriddhi: Transforming Business Success into a Better World


    With a total population of 26 Lakhs, and a literacy rate of 59%, Barmer district; located on the India – Pakistan border, has seen a spurt in economic activity over the last decade due to the discovery of oil, gas and lignite in the district. However, a slow growth of industry in the region for a long period has resulted in high levels unemployment and preference for blue-colour jobs is still a reason for high migration. Read more: Samvriddhi: Transforming Business Success into a Better World



  • iMerit: A story of accessibility to the digital economy bit by bit!


    iMerit Technology Services company provides web based, highly scalable, customized solutions, that help transform businesses and empower communities. As a smartsourcing IT services company, iMerit directly empowers over 400 young employees by providing access to digital jobs employment in West Bengal and Jharkhand. The company employees individuals from diverse education backgrounds ranging from 12th pass to Masters students, and provides modern job opportunities like functional and technical support for clients, digital document conversion, and HTML coding. Read more: A story of accessibility to the digital economy



  • Getting the next Generation of BPO employees work ready: Implication of STAR Scheme in India


    The Indian BPM industry currently employs 10 million people and expects to employ 103 million people in 2020. While the industry moves towards more sophisticated work streams it will have to look at preparing more youth for the jobs. The National Skills Development Corporation launched the STAR Scheme to train more youth starting from 10th grade level on relevant industry skills and reimburse the cost up to INR 10000 per candidate. While the scheme rolls out we looked closely at few Impact Sourcing Service providers in rural areas and the effect on them. Read more: Implication of STAR Scheme in India



  • The STAR scheme: Opening new door of job opportunities for youth in Tier 2 towns and beyond


    STAR Scheme is the latest service provided by the NSDC for which NASSCOM has been the implementing body for the industry. Standard Training Assessment and Reward aims to encourage skill development for youth by providing monetary rewards for successful completion of approved training programs. Hear Finance Minister P Chidambaram talk about the vision of the program at the launch program. Read more: Opening new door of job opportunities for youth



  • Source for Change: Bringing Women closer to Life


    While female infanticide and selective exclusion is the norm in rural districts of Rajasthan,one organisationis turning the tide. Source for Change (SFC) or PiramalUdgam is a BPM in Bagar(a small district in rural Rajasthan) which emerged as a Corporate Social Responsibility action and an innovative rural project initiated by the Piramal Foundationto use technology for rural development, particularly for women. Read more: Bringing Women closer to Life



  • Beyond bricks: Jindal Steel Company's effort towards inclusion of local communities


    When Jindal Steel Works expanded its work to Bellary district, a small village in North Karnataka, it had more than just the success of the steel plant on its mind. In 2005 the company was already thinking about the communities around the plant and the ways in which it could meaningfully impact their lives. While the Jindal group of companies lead the infrastructure power and cement segments in the country they did not have any BPM expertise to set up and run a BPM operation. Read more: Jindal Steel Company's effort



  • TBSS leading the path to inclusion…with its feet in several places in India' heartland


    Tata Business Support Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata group is a BPO in India offering customer care administration services, direct marketing and allied services, and specialised domain driven helpline services. It is striving to provide innovative solutions to enterprises for wholly satisfying customer experience, but there is something distinctively different about their business process- the people they hire to work with them and the locations where they set up operations. Read more: TBSS leading the path to inclusion



  • Rural BPO 2.0: Impact Sourcing


    The IT-BPM industry will add 160,000-180,000 new employees this year. Where will they come from?

    At Letibunga, Uttarakhand, 30 kilometres from Nainital, business is booming for Bali, the local tea wala. For years, he sold tea from a small stand, earning about Rs. 1,000 per month. Recently, he opened a full-fledged shop with seating capacity for 10. He is now making Rs. 8,000-10,000 per month! Read more: Rural BPO 2.0:Impact Sourcing




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